Flexible Deployment Options

Delivered as SaaS or On-Premise 2018-05-29T11:00:35+00:00

Splice Machine can be used on-premise or in the cloud. Banks and credit-card customers of ours typically deploy on-premise while new IoT companies typically deploy on our Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). Today our PaaS is deployed on AWS and it will provide a seamless multi-cloud capability later in the year with the addition of support for Azure and Google.

Our PaaS enables you to provision a Splice Machine cluster in minutes:

To use Splice Machine as a service, you specify how much data you are operating on, and how much compute power you want to deploy, and away you go. We manage the complexity of operations. We have a containerized, self-healing architecture, that instruments every container and automates operations. The system kills failing containers and auto-scales new ones. Since the architecture is resilient the user is not affected. Behind the scenes your data is secure and backed up. There are no servers to procure and no EC2 instances or volumes to manage. We do it all. You pay only for what you use. Try the service now at: https://cloud.splicemachine.io/.

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