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White Paper Chapters

Chapter 1

The Evolution of Applications

As technology evolves, enterprise applications have matured from storing data to delivering analysis, and now predicting the future.

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Chapter 2

Examples of Predictive Applications

From the factory floor to the ER, predictive applications make a real-world impact for the companies that deploy them.

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Chapter 3

How OLPP Powers Predictive Applications

Predictive apps combine past history, real-time data from the present, and forward-looking planning, all in a single OLPP system.

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Chapter 4

OLPP Architecture

To power OLPP workloads, a predictive application platform eliminates latency and complexity at an architectural level.

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Chapter 5

What is Splice Machine?

Splice Machine is a scale-out SQL RDBMS specifically designed to power predictive applications and run OLPP workloads.

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Chapter 6

Why Predictive Applications Require ACID

What-if planning systems require transactional ACID properties to be able to handle critical line item updates without failure.

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Chapter 7

Tightly-Coupled Analytics with Spark

Splice Machine gives data engineers and scientists access to data from Spark through Scala and Python as well as notebooks.

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Chapter 8

Flexible Deployment Options

Splice Machine offers flexible deployment options for customers, either on-premise in their own cluster or in the cloud as a SaaS.

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